Our method: person-driven coaching.


I am extremely passionate about creating real impact and seeing my clients progress. I bring over 20 years of leadership and talent development experience from some of the largest and most recognized companies around the globe. I’ve worked with leaders of all levels as well as individuals from all walks of life no matter their current path.


Our approach starts with the strongly held belief that every person (including you) has the information they need to lead their most fulfilled life – we are simply here to help you find it. 

We coach the whole person – not the problem – meaning what’s getting in your way of progress is almost always impacting various areas of your life – career, finances, relationships – so clearing the root of the block will help you to open up your entire life!  I’m your partner in this process – and while it may not always be comfortable, getting to live aligned with your values is most definitely worth the work.

Our coaching principles

The foundational principle which guides our work is that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole – fully capable of finding answers, making choices, taking action, being resilient, learning and applying that learning to your li. Sometimes we get lost in the woods – too many inputs, too much distraction – and we lose sight of who we are at our core. We are here to help you find your way back – to do the hard right thing – so that you get back on the path that is right for you.

Why are we called '8 wire'?

My friends in New Zealand where I was fortunate enough to live for several years will understand this reference! Number 8 wire means complete self-sufficiency –  that you have all you need to reach your goals inside of you. We are just here to help you get that clarity.

The individual coaching process

Our work together will begin with a ‘discovery’ session. This time together is meant for us to start to get to know one another, but most importantly for you to assess whether you want to work with me. It’s a little like a first date  – sometimes it’s a yes …  sometimes it’s a no. This session will help us decide if we have a future together!

If it’s a yes, we will then determine how we want to structure our meetings going forward. Typically, I recommend a 6-month initial engagement, meeting every 2-3 weeks for 50 minutes – but this is not set in stone – we will work together to figure out what works best.

Coaching in organizations

Coaches are often brought into organizations to help individuals and/or leadership teams thrive.

We have a variety of initial assessment tools we use to determine the best place to start for the greatest impact. Often, we repeat these assessments at the conclusion of our engagement to assess ultimate impact.

Focus areas

Because our coaching focuses on the person, not the problem, no topic is off limits. We can dive into career, finances, relationships, family dynamics, life purpose, work – or anything in between.

I know I'm stuck but I'm not sure where to start!

Many times, we feel stuck or unsatisfied, but aren’t sure how to identify the area or areas of our lives giving us the most challenge. Start with this Wheel of Life to help you identify those areas.

Wheel of Life

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