Coaching for organizations: achieve maximum effectiveness.


I offer highly tailored coaching for intact teams or individuals as a group. My method is centered around understanding one’s own values and passions as well as developing a deeper understanding of others – with the ultimate goal of achieving more than you ever thought possible.


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is 1:1 time where were will be working through whatever is blocking you from performing at your best. Coaching will include a self-assessment in addition to feedback from those around you to ensure a holistic view of your strengths and areas for development.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is targeted primarily to intact teams, especially if you feel that you could function more impactfully together. We will start with a team assessment and work through a series of activities to assist you in achieving all that’s possible while removing any barriers to success along the way.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is for individuals in the same organization but not necessarily on the same team. The focus here is less on team dynamics and more on how you as an individual can work through challenges and has the added benefit of team support.

CERTIFICATIONS (so you know you are in good hands)


“Since working with Kari, I’ve been able to crystalize a direction for my work and personal life. Her ability to both support and challenge me creates a helpful dynamic and a true feeling of partnership. Kari tends to cut through a great deal of the inconsequential “stuff” and ensures we spend our time on valuable exercises that help me to move forward in achieving a life of passion and purpose.”

– Alex L., US/China

“Kari is an excellent coach and has a unique ability to quickly understand people and help them discover their strengths. Kari inspires people with her positive attitude, creativity and sense of humour and her confidence helps people to focus on the larger goal during her coaching sessions. Her coaching programme had/has a profound effect on my journey as it allowed me to develop my self-awareness further, which in turn helped me to get a deeper insight about my values and align them with my career path. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” (Steve Jobs) – Kari is a true leader that ignites change in people.

– Stephen G, South Africa/New Zealand

“ At the beginning of our coaching journey Kari was very clear around her direct coaching approach, and I really appreciated that. It helped us both understand how we could maximise our time together during coaching sessions. While I have only had a few sessions, each session has been meaningful, and has allowed me to reflect and reframe certain topics of discussion. Kari quickly developed rapport with me and was able to understand deeply the issues at hand.  She has a wonderful ability to cut through the stuff that is not going to be helpful in a current discussion and bring attentions to what has to be sorted within that given session.”

– Vonnie P., New Zealand

When I first talked with Kari, I somehow knew that I was going to be able to dissect and reflect on the things that were blocking me to push through to gain my sense of self-efficacy and extend my leadership. Through our coaching sessions that is exactly what conspired. Kari’s insight and sometimes challenging (which is exactly what I had asked for) feedback on our discussions allowed me to get to some root causes of the way I was responding to the situations around me. Then helping navigate and build the tools and resources to address appropriate responses to them. I would highly recommend Kari as a coach.”

– Annie R, US

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